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Hey guys,
It's been over a week since i took the MMPI and over 2 weeks since i had my interview. Based on what i've learned on this forum, i was supposed to get my TOL BEFORE my MMPI. The guy that interviewed me helped me schedule the MMPI, and i have yet to year from FAA ever since. Is the letter supposed to come in the mail, or email? I contacted my HR rep about this over a week ago as well, and he has yet to respond...:banghead:


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In our PEPC they told us that we had to sign the TOL before they could initiate any testing of any kind, whether it be drug, hearing, medical, or MMPI. So this is kinda weird. Good luck.


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That is strange I got my Temp TOL just a little under two weeks after my interview. I did not do any testing or paperwork after I got the TOL so I dont know how you could of scheduled an MMPI. Im still waiting to get a date for my MMPI. Good Luck.


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You need to keep calling/e-mailing your HR rep until you have it in your hand. Chances are it is probably ready, but is just low on the list of things to get done. You have to make it a priority for them, otherwise you'll just wait until they get to it.