akihabra if you want to look for the latest and greatest electronics. Roppungi for a good and expensive meal and one of the trendier locales where english is widely spoken. asakusa has the traditional buddhist temple, lots of traditional japanese food, lots of shopping for traditional type trinkets, and a small red light district. Tokyo tower is cool, but it's like 15 bucks to get up there to look. Ginza is basically the 5th avenue equivilent of NYC. TOns of high end shopping and department stores. IF you get the chance, the dept stores have good and cheap food in the basement level, and they have beer gardens with semi-cheap beer on the roof levels. Probably the cheapest beer in town this time of year. In the Shinjuku neighborhood is the nightlife, clubs, etc, and the red light disctrict known as kabuki-cho. Just stay off of shinjuku 2 chome, (pronounced Cho-may) unless you are into the rainbow coalition. Too much stuff to see there in a few hours or days, but I hope this helps!
I was just there, I would say my favorite part of Tokyo is the Golden Gai bars near Shinjuku. Google it, it's pretty hard to find and off the beaten path. But definitely a great time if you can find it.
Hey, guys. I have a few days off, and I'm thinking of heading there since I've never crossed the Pacific beyond Hawaii. Where's a good place to stay for a first timer? Are there hotels that offer crew discounts?
If your in Narita go to the Cafe Bon its great, Went there with my dad when he was a 744 captain with UAL