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Thanks, I also found a workaround on YouTube. My trick is when the ps4 attempts to log on to WiFi, after it fails I press the triangle button which is the troubleshooting option. Then it brings me to the hotel WiFi login page, there I enter the password and it works! Speaking of PS4, I’m about to play BF1 now. Thanks for your help
You travel with a PS4 or remote access it?


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I carry it with me. Didn’t know you could remote access it, gonna look into it.
Sorry that was more of a question asking you if it's possible, rather than saying it is and asking if you do it.

I'm sure it's possible from a server standpoint as far as playing media you have stored on it. Don't know how you'd overcome the whole bluetooth remote control being in another state but who knows.


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I bring my gaming laptop with me. It's not too bulky. Usually hotel wifi is adequate to run my steam games, etc. Don't get me wrong, slamming a beer down with the crew and exploring the area is a blast. But when you overnight for the 100th time in the middle of winter at [insert podunk town], I'm perfectly happy with enjoying some games ;)

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Interesting post, with useful ideas here. Additional travel ideas: a) use scissors to cut standard size earplugs in half - to shorten the cylinders. This allows them to protrude less from the ear canal so they won't irritate your ears when lying on a pillow. For noisy heaters, run the heat up while you are awake to heat the walls. Then turn the heat way down so it won't cycle during the night. Grab a spare blanket and you will survive the night without the noisy heat...