Tips on flying to SNA


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Gotta head down there this saturday any suggestions? Never flown to So. Cal area. Very comfortable with PHX,LAS,SLC airspace is it worse than PHX?


SNA isn't any big deal particularly, but the airspace around L.A. is generally busier and more complicated than the others you mention. Be sure to study an L.A. terminal chart beforehand and use flight following to enter the area. Where are you flying from?
Ooooohhhh the dreaded SNA.

Haha just kidding

It's just like every other airport out there... we just have an extra frequency for clearance.

Just like flying anywhere else, keep your guard up (wake turbulence, jet blast, ATC instructions) and you'll be just fine.

Remember we have a lot of student pilots here too, many of whom might not be the best on the radio, and they end up safely on the ground more often than not... you will too
Coming in from So. Utah in a new C/182 funny thing is the owner just had TCAS put in. Should be funny to see all the targets on screen
Flying into SNA in a 172 was probably one of the most fun flights I've ever had. Got to land parallel to a SW 737, just have to remember your wake turbulence avoidance procedures. The run up area for 19L is actually at mid field about at the end of 19L/beginning of 1R. Other than that is isn't any scarier than any other Class-C Airport.
Oooooohhhhh you're a double - I!

Well then.....

If you're IFR be ready to get vectored around a bit (ok a lot).... otherwise its business as usual

TCAS huh?! Cool... I'd hate to know how many airplanes I haven't seen though...
The best advice I can give is CAUTION WAKE TURBULENCE, CAUTION WAKE TURBULENCE, CAUTION WAKE TURBULENCE, and Go around, go around, and go around!!! More than a few have died because of it at this airport. But other than that, I think we have some of thee nicest controllers on the block. Very helpful to unfamiliar pilots!
I use to fly over there....Is it still like a couple yrs ago with the orange and other names (i forgot) departures ??
Ya.. orange; mesa; newport; el toro

but for me its more like 'vectors V23, OCN'

ok still grinning over the new rating
So what are the headings? Back in the day I used to know, now I have to look at my clearance. I really could use a bug on my HI!