Tips for changing careers


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So as a newly certified dispatcher (November 2013) are there any tips as far as setting up your resume? I have been in the cellular/tech support field for roughly 7 years so that is how my resume is set up. I just have student loans, and other obligations that I need to pay off and not having a well paying job right now is tearing into my savings. I have been applying to dispatch jobs but have yet to hear anything.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

I was a tech refugee too when I came over to dispatch. My suggestion is to put more emphasis on your problem solving and task management skills under a deadline. Having a technological background can be advantageous in this field what with all the computer based tools we use, but it is not at all important and would be completely lost on an aviation recruiter to list your certifications, so keep those as general as possible. Leadership opportunities look good too so if you've done project management as a function of your IT work be sure to fit that in where appropriate.

The biggest problem I saw in resumes was an attempt to cram too much information into one. You'll be filling out a VERY thorough application that will more then cover the minutia. Just stick to the highlights and make it flow intelligently. If it's more then one page, there's too much in it.