Timeline for coming to FSI


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For those of you with the benefit of hindsight, what kind of timeline would you follow for attending FSI? So far I want a slot in the December class. How far in advance would you send in the application, arrange housing, and most importantly, apply for the Key loan?


I put in my application in may of this year and (3) weeks later, I got my training agreement in the mail. My start date is confirmed for September 30, 2002. You should get your application in as soon as possible, this will also give the FSI administration enough time to hold your seat and eliminate any posibility of delays.

As for the key loan, did it on line at around the same time frame, and was approved a few days later.

P.S. If you can help it, get a co-signer it's cheeper in the long run.


Hope this helps, take care.

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Thanks. My main concern was the Key loan, I didn't know if it needed days, weeks, or whatever. I'll be sending in my app soon to hold a spot.