Time frame for the plastic?


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So how long does it normally take a certificate to arrive from the feds? I took the checkride August 19th and it was updated in the FAA database last week. The application was done via ICARA...

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My A&P took 5 months. But it got sent back from the FSDO once because some change somewhere in the paperwork wasn't initialed.


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Longest I've had to wait was about 3 months. It can be pretty variable, regardless. Be sure to give them a call if you're coming up on the expiration of your temporary...


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The examiner I took a checkride with a month ago said it was running right around 110 days at the moment.


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Lately you're running right around 3 months. Don't forget to renew your temp if you haven't gotten the plastic in time!


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It does seem to vary. When it updated on the FAA website, it showed "processing applications from 1 Aug" and when I looked yesterday it said "processing applications from 15 Jul" :cwm27: Guess like other government services, they are going BACK in time!!!


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passed my CPL on 5/29 and NEVER got a plastic.

had to print an extension and just ordered another plastic.



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Haven't got mine yet, it was August something when I passed. The FAA website still lists me as a Student :( Oh well, I have the temporary paper but it isn't as impressive as the plastic might be.


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They are taking 100+ days currently is what I was last told by the feds. Of course I don't have much faith in them because I just had to get a new temp because I just passed 120 days since they decided to lose my 8710, ATP written, and all other assocaited paperwork and had to recreate everything.:banghead:

If you are at about 100 days I would definately call the FAA and find out what the status of your app is. This is how I found out they had no paperwork on me in process.

The phone numbers for Airman Certification are listed below. There are only a couple of people that staff these numbers so expect to be on hold for several minutes. My hold times were never longer than 10-15 minutes.





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It actually showed up last Friday...so it was just a *little* over 2 months. I think the ICARA speeds it up quite a bit.