Tieing Down in Palm Springs


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I'm going to fly from Portland to Palm Springs in a 182 and tie down for a few days. Anyone fly in/around/into Palm Springs? Where's a good place to tie down... KPSP ? reasonable fees for tie down, fuel etc. I'm going to make some calls but thought I'd check here. thanks


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If you can stay away from Million Air - they're on the East side of the ramp/airport. High gas, and they're kinda snotty to the piston crowd. There's apparently another FBO over by the tower/terminal that's supposed to be a little better. You may also want to check out the untowered airport just south of PSP (Regional something) don't know about the FBOs (if there even are any) but it might be another alternative.

Over all I like PSP - Million Air just isn't my fav FBO.


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They have 3 Airports in the Palm Springs Area. Desert Resorts Regional (TRM), Bermuda Dunes (UDD), and Palm Springs International (PSP).

TRM has Million Air La Quinta (800/235-9876).
UDD has a city owned FBO (I think) try this # 760/345-2558
PSP has a Million Air (760/320-7704) and a Signature (760/327-1201). PSP has a few flight schools, not sure if you are able to tie down there.

I got these numbers from AOPA so hopefully they are still current.