Thread delete?


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I take it that the thread I started "cool site" in the Lav was deleted? I can't find it anywhere.


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it's currently being reviewed in the mod/admin forum to debate on whether it goes beyond our "free advertising" rule.

per Rule #2
2. Do not spam the forum.
If you need traffic or want to plug your business or website, please contact

if everyone deems it as ok, we'll put it back out.


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An aviation related, free website that helps pilots thoroughly learn more about the systems of the aircraft that they operate. Seems like a valuable resource that more JCers should be aware of.


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I had no intention on violating the TOS, sorry. I just thought it would be a cool site for pilots to contribute to thats all.


New Member has been mentioned in other threads, and unless Ryan has a business interest in the site (unlikely), rule #2 doesn't even apply.


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I put it into the mod section for review.

I don't want the site to become a dumping ground for URL's.

First internet access in three days so your patience is much appreciated.