This is just depressing....


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Apparently the NPA (independent union at AirTran) is so screwed up that even the Teamsters don't want us. I don't know whether to be happy or offended. When a dysfunctional union like the IBT says you're "a bit disjointed," that's just depressing.

No deal for Teamsters, AirTran pilots union


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Teamsters, after meeting with the pilots union at AirTran Airways, said that it is “not planning to pursue a more official relationship at this time.”

The National Pilots Association, the independent pilots union at AirTran, invited the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the Air Line Pilots Association to make presentations at its board meeting this week as it weighs whether to merge with one of the unions.

According to a written statement from Teamsters airline division director David Bourne, “Given the current volatility of the airline industry, and the tendency toward continued consolidation, it is to everyone’s benefit that the pilots of AirTran strengthen their own organization before entertaining any other representational possibilities.”

The National Pilots Association is “a bit disjointed,” Bourne said.

The plans for a potential union merger have developed amidst a risk that one of the unions could petition the National Mediation Board for an election to take over representation from the National Pilots Association. The National Pilots Association represents more than 1,600 AirTran pilots.

Bourne said an internal campaign at AirTran collected about 600 authorization cards for the Teamsters, but that he will not accept the cards to be used to petition the National Mediation Board for an election.

The AirTran pilots union “should never be forced into making a decision because they feel like they’re being overthrown,” Bourne said. “We want them to be able to have the time and forethought to make that very, very crucial decision without having to have some specter of time over their head.”