The romance of flying



I just wanted to share a special moment that has rekindled my commitment to fly for a living. For my wife's bday, I planned a secret gettaway to a lttle island north of here. I set up reservations and all the trimmings. She was just expecting dinner at McDonalds or some other joint like that. Well, to her surprise we showed up at the aeroclub. She figured a short ride around the coast etc., and then dinner. After we landed on the island I surprised her with the news of an overnight stay at the resort. She was excited, but a bit worried because nothing else to wear. However, I had packed a beautiful dress and shoes, etc. for her, and during dinner I presented her with a pearl necklace. She was so moved. She said to me, "This can only happen to the wife of a pilot." There in that brief moment in time, I re-committed to becoming an airline pilot and the best possible husband. She is completely willing to support my efforts of an airline career. Praise God.
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