The Reserves boards.....


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I'm not too clear on the airforce reserves board set up. I've heard that if you get chosen by your local units boards, that your package is then sent on to a national board of some sort for a final approval? If this is so, then do candidates that are sent to this national board ever get turned down for any reason?...If they don't get approval from nationals, then what is their status with the unit that chose them, back to square one?....


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It's my understanding that if you have your units approval, you 99% will have the national boards approval. Because your local unit isn't going to send a dog to the higher ups and waste everybodies time. To answer your other question, if they get turned down by the national board then no matter what unit they are sponsored by they won't get through (that makes sense), so basically you wouldn't be flying anything unless you could get something seriously fixed.


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Sorry guys.. I'm 4 months late on this thread.. I actually dug though and found the truth.

I decided to pass on the Navy..

BTW.. I am a college graduate..