The "real" FSI


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The \"real\" FSI

I just got back from SAV, & while I was there I took the time to visit the FSI center there that does the Gulfstream training. I had heard that they sometimes give us academy students a ride in one of the sims, but if they ever did it, they don't anymore.

Several days before going up, I called to arrange a tour (& hopefully a sim ride). I went to Signature Aviation & used their crew car to go across to FSI. When I arrived, my instructor & I were greeted by the Center Manager. He gave us the complete (minus sim ride) tour, which was pretty cool. I expected a bunch of sims, which they obviously have & they are pretty neat. But, they also have a dunk tank to practice water egress, two cabin smoke/fire sims, & a G-5 cabin mockup to teach flight attendants how to serve meals. They actually teach the FA's how to make four meals look like seven in the event of unexpected guests on board the A/C. I would have never thought of that...They also have a mx training center on site, but we didn't go look at that.

My impression? Very impressive. It is readily apparent that this is where the company earns it's big money as well as it's big reputation. Don't get me wrong, I know the Vero Beach FSI Academy has a good rep, but it is small potatoes compared to the other centers. EVERYTHING is first class. They really kiss the @$$ of their customer/students. They have teams of people constantly updating the curriculums, the latest & greatest debriefing software developed by the company, incredible audio/visuals in the classrooms. In short, it's kind of what I expected at the FSI Academy.

I don't want or intend to bash the academy, but seeing what is in a "big" FSI Center, makes me see what could be in Vero Beach. Am I stretching it a little, you ask? To be typed in a G-5 will cost you about $50k, or about what a student pays to get his CIME at the academy. While they are constantly updating their courses, we still have slides from the early 90's. I don't know how many times a ground school instructor has said in class, "Well, this no longer applies", or "now, this is changed." The technology of our audio/visuals is Windows 95 era Power Point, while the a/v's in SAV are absolutely incredible (& developed in house). One more thing, supposedly FlightSafety is the number one manufacturer of flight sims, so why are we still using the crappy old Frasca 142's?!?! Maybe because it's late at night, & I've just spent seven hours in a Seminole (two lessons back to back), but I just seem to think that FlightSafety can invest a little more resources into the Academy to bring it up a little closer to the standards of the rest of the company. Before I hear it from everyone, I know we are better than any other flight school out there, but it COULD be better. Just go take a look at FSI SAV.

Oh, & by the way, they don't have a Key Loan program for the $50k G-5 type rating!
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I'm headed there next week for an overnight with a bud from class. He called and was told not problem (based on availability) on the sim ride...

Who knows?

I agree with you totally on the ground school stuff. Excellent instructors, older materials. Needs to be updated. Also, GET NEW COMPUTERS! Pentium 166's with 16MB of RAM isn't cutting it anymore, folks! Is there a suggestion box anywhere? I put a suggestion in at the library suggestion box.

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"He called and was told not problem (based on availability) on the sim ride..." That's what I was told as well on the phone when I called. However, when I was given the tour from the Center Manager, he said to the effect that "it costs a lot of money to run those sims..." as he patted me on the head & offered me a bagel in their cafe area. I'm not saying it can't be done, as I've heard it's been done before. But better luck to you guys than I had!
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If they do a full scale systems upgrade, on the ground portion, it's got to come out of the students tuition.

Since you dont have a crystal ball, /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif I'm guessing that the students will end footing the bill. /ubbthreads/images/icons/frown.gif

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Well, it's not like they've invested anything in those computers for the past decade! They should have enough saved up by now!

Seriously, a server rack, coupla routers, 30 workstations....we're really not talking about very much dough! (relative to what we pay, at least)

Heck, gimme the contract and I'll do it right, on the cheap! Or just let me use my laptop and provide a lan drop.

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A server rack would do it, but with 30 workstations with a (1.2Gz P4, 20GB H/D, 2x 256 MB chips, a 3 Com NIC card) would be good enough. It's only an issue of FSI getting the Microsoft licensing agreement for a O/S upgrade to Windows 2000 and upgrading the lab, to M/S Flight Sim 2000 as well. This is all wishfull thinking, If you get the contract, /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif I'll join you. I have been working in networking for ten years now.

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