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I just joined AOPA using the online registration and my trusty credit card. I've been thinking about doing it for some time now. Even though I don't even live in the US, seeing what happened to Meigs and AOPA's great coordinated response made me see the necessity of being part of an organized group.

And I went whole hog: I paid the extra $18/year and got both AOPA Pilot AND AOPA Flight Training. Not only am I a JC junkie - I'm an aviation magazine junkie.

It is important to protect the freedoms pilots have in the United States so that similar restrictions to what pilots in some other countries have don't go into effect in the US. To fly the pattern at the local (controlled) field here in Portugal I have to file a flight plan. No VFR traffic is allowed over Lisbon so no sightseeing flights, etc. (Although because of the population density and hilly terraine an engine failure would almost certainly require ditching in the river!)

So before I get too long winded, I encourage others of you who have been putting off joining to go to and spring for the $39/year. After you join come back here and let the rest of us know that you did it. It's worth the chump change it costs!

[I'm not affiliated with AOPA in any way (other than being a member of course
) so I have no personal gain from this post. Doug, I hope you don't mind the advertising for a good cause!]

I have been in the AOPA and the EAA for 3 years now and though I may not use many of the features that they offer, I support all of the things they do. I would always recommend that any new pilot be a member of one of them.
The magazine alone is worth the $$$. Not to mention they offer solid advice should you ever need legal or medical advice.
Been so for a long time. Still manage to not win the giveaway plane. The Bonanza was my fav.
Been so for a long time. Still manage to not win the giveaway plane. The Bonanza was my fav.

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You have to win the plane?!? I thought it came with the membership. Oh man! Cheated again!