The Green Book - ATC Career Prep - Post AT-SAT use?


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Yeah, no one really mentions using it AFTER they take the AT-SAT.

There is a whole list of terms, abbreviations, definations, maps, etc in the back, as well as some extra help via websites and academy.

Just curious, post AT-SAT, does anyone use it?

Or should I just resell it on Ebay?


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I sold mine to someone else on this forum. I have about 100 hours flying so most of the information in the back was stuff I was pretty familiar with. There were a few questions I wasn't intimately familiar with because it had more to do with the ATC side than the flying side, but that's why they send you to OKC for the basics class. For the questions I wasn't able to answer, I at least had a basic understanding of how it fit into what I did know, so I am figuring the initial learning curve for someone with a PPL or better will probably be less steep.