The Fate of a Local G/A Airport is at Hand


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This hasn't made the national news because it's a little G/A airport in St. Petersburg, FL. Some of the Muckity Mucks have been trying to get it closed ala Meigs (they want to turn it into a park)... albeit on a smaller scale.

St. Pete currently has 138 parks and ONE G/A airport = Albert Whitted Field.

Here's an article in Tampa's free "what's happening" type publication called "The Weekly Planet" (like ATL's "Creative Loafing" - in fact, that's what the name was when it started....).

The Case FOR Albert Whitted Field

It's well written, well researched ... and I obviously like it's tone.

Makes me wish that I could vote in St. Pete next month. But, it's not in my district.

Enjoy and let's hope this small G/A airport does not suffer the same fate as Meigs.