The "Captain" was operating single pilot, did not have a valid pilot's license, registration or airw


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It's only a lear. Flies just like flight sim.
Haha, push the thingies in the middle forward=faster, backwards=slower. Push forward on the broken steering wheel the houses get bigger. Pull back, they get smaller. Keep pulling back, they get bigger again.

Side note: easily one of the most over produced aviation videos I've ever seen! :confused:

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Initial Report Issued on Learjet Accident in DenmarkA German-registered Learjet 24 piloted by an unlicensed aviator crashed September 15 near the Danish island airport Bornholm (EKRN) at the
conclusion of an IFR flight from Strausberg Airport (EDAY), Germany. The daylight VFR accident seriously injured the pilot and passenger. The aircraft was destroyed and came to rest in a cornfield short of the runway. At press time, the pilot remained in a coma in a local hospital. During the preliminary accident investigation, German authorities informed the Danish Accident Investigation Board that the Learjet’s pilot did not possess a valid German pilot certificate. The passenger aboard was not a pilot, which meant the aircraft was operated in violation of its certification, which requires two certified pilots aboard the aircraft at all times. The Danish accident report said the “wreckage and the wreckage trail pattern were consistent with a low forward airspeed and a steep descent stall.” The pilot was on final approach to Runway 29 at Bornholm, where the winds were reported as 280 at 19 knots, gusting to 29 knots. Moments before the accident, the pilot declared an emergency three different times. Investigators also found four of five fuel tanks empty. While the fuselage tank contained 42 gallons of fuel, the fuel transfer and cross-feed valves were closed, preventing its use. German aviation authorizes also said the Learjet’s registration had been cancelled in 2009 and that the latest valid airworthiness certificate expired in March 2005.


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When I clicked, I expected to see some small pistion air-taxi operator involved. Instead, I find an unlicensed pilot decided to fly a plane that required a type and a 2-pilot crew, and to do it solo. Darwinism may very well prevail here.


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How in the heck did he get himself into flying a Lear? Like there's so much that confuses me here...


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I can tell ya... When I read they filled 200 litres of gas into the Lear24... i was like. UH OH, I can see this coming. That's a THIRSTY jet... 200Litres is about 10 minutes of flight in the takeoff segment. The other thing is... dont get slow in the lear. VERY short wings, high ref speeds... fly that AOA, but when both engines flameout... thats not good.


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Is not the First Officer there to only activate the flap and gear handles only when advised by the captain??????