The Big Trip


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Well, it's finally time. I'm leaving early Thursday morning for the 2 day drive down to Vero. I'll be moving into the one and only Canterbury Place!!!
Not sure when I'll get the computer set back up again though.

Wish me luck....

Anybody know of any deals on Sattelite TV??? (Free systems, setups, or monthly service...)
Good luck, I'll be doing the same at the end of October for the Nov. 4th start. I almost want to take three days to enjoy myself on the way down, but unfortunately New Orleans isn't really on the way.

Anybody need a ride back to Chicago (or somewhere along the way) for Christmas?

Forget all the local dudes, call DirecTV and ask them for a deal. If you b*tch at them, them give you free stuff. I got 6 months of HBO for $3/month because they sent a different receiver than I specified.

I know there are a few satellites set up at Canterbury. Drop me a PM or a call when you get here, I'll buy you a diet coke.

Like I told DGELLING, beware of sherri and satelite dishes...She's not cool with them....I installed my dish behind a tree, then the groundcrew ran over the cable where it came out of the ground two days before I left the place....So I don't have TV when I get back! DAMN!! Like Chunk said, get Direct TV and they'll give you EVERYTHING, but then the day you go to basic service you're like a coke junkie looking for your next high...They're no dumbies..
Is there a package with HDTV and the TIVO DVR technology?
Tivo is available w/DirecTV...I found Dish to be more expensive and have less channels.

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If you b*tch at them, them give you free stuff.

[/ QUOTE ]

You going native, Chunk? That kind of sounds like a Tonto or Tarzan quote.

I used to have Dish Network and enjoyed it. It was a lot cheaper than cable. I'll probably get it again when I move.
Chunk no likum when man-boy correctum Chunk.


PS---Rectum? Barely knew 'em! &lt;---All time best punchline!
Doug, the type of PVR you get depends upon your service (IE - regular TIVO for analog cable, Direct TIVO works with Direct TV, DISH has their own PVR). So just make sure whoever provides your HDTV service has a compatible PVR to go along with it.

Wow! Fancy TV stuff.
I have been working off a single channel for 14 years. I was watching my friends cable the other day with 15 million channels. 2 or 3 had some sort of interesting stuff on. With all the ads the service should be free. Better yet I think I would need to be payed to watch!
Well, I made it down here and finally have the computer set up.....DIAL UP SUCKS!!!!! (sorry about that). Anyway, for those of you who might think that aviation is going the way of the Dodo, try making a two day, 1300 mile drive! Our country will always fly, and there will always be a need for pilots. With gas and tolls, hotel, and food, the trip down here cost me around $130. I can get a one way ticket on Southwest from Islip (ISP) to West Palm for about $60-65....are you kidding me? Next time I'll just pack up all my stuff and pay for some extra luggage. Not to mention, driving sucks when you have to do it for that long. Try making a trip with a couple of kids in the back and tell me flying wouldn't be better

Anyway, Canterbury Place is actually pretty darn nice, and very cheap. It's very close to the school as well, but no pool. Oh well, I guess I'l have to use the schools or that county center.

Well, looking forward to starting on the 30th. Now I have to go try and buy a bed.....The floor is a bit lumpy
Yep it's a long drive...Did you see the signs for that restaurant I metioned?!? The drive is a pain, when I drove up the last time I iron manned it, only stopped in rest stops, solo....
I second Baronmans approach. When ever I stop I just wonder why Im not driving. Hey look on the bright side its only up and down the east coast. When I was young and stupid (er) I would do solo non-stop runs from Maine to Yosemite in about 72 hours. I should have been put in jail for that.
Maine to Vero in 24hrs didn't seem too bad.
Did you have to sign a lease at Canterbury Place or do they have month-to-month rentals? I've always wondered about this since if I do go to an academy, I probably wouldn't be there for a whole year unless I started instructing there.
Only two options: 12 month lease or a shorter lease (I think its 7 months). You pay a little more than the year lease, but you can go monthly after your lease is up. Canterbury there is a nine month lease which costs the same as the yearly lease. They have it nine months since it roughly corresponds to FSI's PCIME schedule. After the nine months you can go month to month without a new lease for an extra $10 per month. I think the Pines offers seven month leases, but they are a little more expensive than the yearly.