The Badenov Challenge (NOT, amazingly, DOOOOOM related)

Boris Badenov

This is no laughing matter.
The duty times thread has given me a "Eureka" moment.

Here's the challenge: Spend an entire week without using the words "Safe" or "Professional" (or any derivation thereof) in an attempt to "win" a discussion in which you're unable or unwilling to elucidate or articulate your position further. (Eg. "You obviously don't care about SAFETY". "That's totally UNPROFESSIONAL"). In an aviation context, they are amorphous, subjective terms and the last refuge of an internet-scoundrel. "Professional" seems to mean "whatever I like to do" and you'd be "safer" if you just didn't get in the plane at all. Have a real discussion.

that was just amateurish, ignorant, improper, inadequate, incompetent, inefficient, inexperienced, inexpert, lax, negligent, nonexpert, unethical, unfitting, unsuitable, untrained, unworthy.

does that work? then again I was trying to be very....oh yeah, can't say that word.
Well, therein lies the problem. Discussion isn't applicable, its "my way or the high way." If you don't do things my way/the alpa way/the airline way/not that way/the [insert establishment here] way then you are clearly an idiot who has no place belonging in the cockpit. You should also be banned from ever posting anything on jetcareers as you will ruin the knowledge of future pilots who will learn from your bad habits. Clearly, doooooooooom! will come. Does this really need a sarcasm tag?
After taking your challenge into consideration, I realized i dont think ive ever made a post with the words "professional" or "safe" (except right there).

So, since I don't discuss matters or safety, or professionalism (crap did it again), does that mean that I am neither? Really, ive never cared if someone on the intarweb calls me unprofessional, or unsafe, because really, who cares? I think i can safely (snuck that one in) say that ive never called anyone dangerous or unprofessional. I reserve that right untill i actually fly with the person, or I read an NTSB report with them in it and the cause as pilot error.