The Age 40 Switchover


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Hi Doctor,

I got my last Class 1 medical in February. I am 39 years old so, since I am less than 40 I am to understand that the class 1 is good for a year.

When I turn 40, the class 1 is only good for six months.

Six months from February is August. (still good!)

I turn 40 in early October. So, the question becomes, when does my class 1 medical expire?

October 31st? Or is it good all the way to next February?

The first class is good for one year if you are younger than 40 on the day the physical is done. If you are 40 or more on the day of the physical it is good for 6 months. Thus, the physical you had when you were 40 will last for 12 months.
The physical I had when I was 39 is good for a year? So if I can squeeze one more in in September I am good until I am almost 41. (Being cheap, don't want to pay for EKGs or extra medicals for as long as possible) thanks Doctor!