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Does it seem like I'm asking a lot of questions? Well, I am. My wife and I have been preparing for this transition for a long time and I want to make the most of it.

I wanna thank all the folks on the board who have been more than helpful in answering all my questions and those who have provided encouragement.

At the risk of leaving someone out, I'd like to thank you by name:

FSI newguy
M. Sweezy (I forget your username!)

Again, thanks for your time and patience. I hope to meet you all in person and throw a couple back (Diet Cokes for me, PBR for Baronman).


Looking at your profile today, I saw you have an interest in SCUBA. I assume you are certified. I just recently got certified and am looking forward to doing some occassional reef/spring diving while attending FSI. Let me know if you would be interested.
Hey, no problem! Thanks for the recognition, anyway. I like helping out fellow veterans (although I suppose you are not a "veteran" many more days?). Looking forward to you coming to Vero.

'naut <---starts CFI June 3rd
14 days....I plan on getting into town 5/19 or so. We'll have to get together.

Maybe I should join the VFW!?!? I believe I qualify. Just really wouldn't want to wear that cover.

Safe travels getting here. I don’t think you will have any complaints once you get going at FSI.

P.S. as of today according to Mr.Skovgaard things are starting to move again. ASA is supposed to start back up next month and there is a similar program with another carrier in development. All he seemed to be concerned about was the potential sudden loss of many high time CFI's when things get going. It sounds like they are prepared to get going with CFI standardization when the need arises, but the current backlog is still about 40.
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Mine says, " [XXX][/XXX]" Replace the XXX with IMG. If I had left them in there, Homer would've shown up again.

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No problem chunk, it's been a pleasure trying to give you a hand...I know when I came down here it was one big fog, I didn't know what to expect...I think you'll enjoy your training here, it's top notch, take the good with the bad but keep going full speed ahead! (We'll settle over the PBR later.)
Have fun in Vero. Before the damn terrorists attacked, my wife and I had plans on being out of the service by the end of May. When they decide to ease stop-loss, I'll be asking a lot of the same questions you asked...again. Hopefully, you'll be online down there so you'll have some additional inputs. Fly Safe and don't show up too late for the Freedom Bird outta The Rock.
You'll love it here. Get ready to study and find a study partner or two to help out. Any of the students in the marketing department can help you with any set up questions just give them a call. By the way they just lowered the dorm prices to 12-25 dollar a day from 17-28 if your interested. Later.
Kdwilkes and Chunk,

I'm a scuba nut too. Although I've only been able to do one drift dive off Lantana since I've been in FL. Look me up when you get ready to go diving.
Didn't see it.

I've always wanted to see a shark on a dive. The closest that I've come is seeing a school of sharks feeding on baitfish in the surf at Wabasso Beach one day. Pretty cool.
I also have my scuba license but I have been in the cold Pacific, not Atlantic Ocean. My semi-dry wet suit is so thick, you need a ..... Seriously, does alot of people go scuba diving in Vero Beach area? Is there a club or someone with a boat? It would very different actually diving in warm water. Well, hope to meet alot of people at FSA soon.
I would not say they go diving in Vero Beach, but an hour south near West Palm there are shoreline reefs and a couple wrecks that I heard were good dive sites. There are many dive shops on the east coast of Florida especially near Vero and south to Miami and, of course, in the Keys. All these places usually have daily dive trips to reefs and wrecks for a small fee ($30-$40). I look forward to finding some dive buddies at FSA.
I'll see you dudes in mid-May. I'm rollin' outta Okinawa and the Navy, so my attendance on these boards will be sketchy. Seeya!

Baronman-I have your PBR on ice...


PS--You can email me at
Chunk, thank you for your time and discussions, I have always valued your straight forward approach. But I don't think I will be joining you lads at FSI. I would really like to but I have found a really great FBO in Boise, ID that I am going to go through. Save some $.

Who knows though, I might be heading to FL someday if my expectations aren't met in Boise. Good luck to you, see you in the air someday.