Thanks - and Instrument ride question


Just wanted to thank everyone who went to the trouble to share their info here

OH and can anyone write about their instrument ride??? What approaches you did, toughies on the oral, etc.... THANKS!!!!
On my instrument ride, the apps I shot were, ILS, VOR (CTL), and NDB (PP). We did a hold, and in the hold I did steep turns and slow flight. I was also PP for part of the hold. The oral was all about "what if's" Like, if you're going from point A to point B, what if "this" happened, and the "this" changed a hundred times. We went over this a million times with a different thing happening each time. The only weather question he asked me, was, he drew a map of the U.S. and a low pressure system. He drew 4 points on the map, and told me to tell him what the weather would be doing at each one of the points.

Check out some of the questions I posted on the missed oral questions thread, they are regarding the instrument checkride.