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I just wanted to send a shout out to everyone that attended the Jetcareers "thingy" in Las Vegas.

FlyChicaga- Dude, you're my hero. Watch your dates around this man, guys! All I gotta say is "where did you go... Joe DiMaggio..." Plus, thanks for the props from the Irish band.

Eagle & Mrs. Eagle- I rubbed your bald head for luck, doubled-down on 11 and still lost. What's up with that!?
Thanks so much for coming out! Get a job, man and stop mooching off the Mrs!
(just kidding)

Another Wife & "Fat Boy- Thanks for coming out as well, and I'll be sure to "get my wives straight" as long as your husband promises to"de-lurk" himself! You two are great! Yes, I guess the forums are a disease, eh?

Ophir- Thanks for making it out to Las Vegas. You have a great, positive attitude and ability to 'think outside the box' is absolutely an asset. You da man! (Oh-fear? O-fer?
) Gotta come down and mountainbike the McDowells when you get a chance.

Iwork4911 Thanks for making the day trip to meet everyone! I didn't get much of a chance to talk to you all that much, but we'll see ya next year! I hope the air show went well!

Rausda27Thanks for making the trip man. You have a great perspective and you've got a good plan for what you want to do in aviation. Good memories and lost brain cells from the Barbary Coast...Ahh! Err, Ouch!

TonyW-All the way from DC, too cool! I enjoyed your infectious positivity. Awesome awesome awesome! I hope you enjoy those slippers, bro!
Gotta find that disposable camera...

Mrivc211- "Mister IVC?" "mir-vic?"
Thanks for flying out man! Too bad we lost contact on Saturday but thanks for making such an effort to meet us all for dinner and the good chat! You've got the "master plan"!

Wil Thanks for making it out man! I expect to see you register for the forum and throw in your perspective! You're a good sport and it's good to see that you're excited about flying airplanes -- and yeah, after a while, and airshow is an airshow!

Kristie: Hey, it was uhh, nice meeting ya too! Gimme a call sometimes, ok?
Can't wait for round 2! Glad to make it out and meet everyone! What a great bunch of peeps. I had more fun than you can all imagine (I'm talking about partying with the JetCareerers sickos). See you next year... until then there's the boards!
Yeah, I just want to say how much I really enjoyed meeting everyone! What a fun group and a great time!

Aviation has such an eclectic mix of people from all walks. It was great to get together and just get to know some more people outside the aviation world i have known thus far. And, suprisingly, we didn't really talk about flying that much. We just talked about FlyChicaga and Eagle in the witness protection program. ( I have to say those before and after shots you had were great, which surgeon did you use?)
Ya know, there are a lot of you in SLC, maybe we should have a meeting in SL?
Of course, Aloft might want to spray mace on me or something lol. Maybe someday we'll meet someone from here. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!
There's probably a certain, hmm, "dynamic" that probably could not be reproduced in SLC

LAS is just across the salt flats!

Those who couldn't attend missed a fantastic weekend!
Thank you for taking the time to organize the event of this past weekend. You have gone out of your way to provide a service that enables thousands to read and post extremely usefull information in your forum for no cost and then to take time out of your schedule to make the trip really shows your dedication not only to the members of your website but also how seriously you view the importance of networking. It was great to meet and converse with everyone that attended and it was really wierd that we all just kinda hit it off from the start. So..thank you, thank you, thank you...
It was definately an incredible weekend!!! I really enjoyed meeting everyone and not having to talk aviation all weekend (I only know oh-so-much)

next year - it'll probably be Vegas again.. or Orlando... altho orlando has the disney parks that are much more expensive than vegas and hotel rates are about the same - but we're already looking at booking multi rooms at a discount and we know the Orlando area like the back of our hand, so we know the "happy hour" spots to hit where the youngin's are more than welcome to join...

but if we do vegas again, we will have a "lil JC peeps meet your peers" cocktail/juice hour... why i say "juice" - cuz we don't support younger peep drinking...

and - with the lil peeps, we could do the amusement parks/roller coasters/free LV strip shows since we didn't hit any of those this time (why is that????)...

and a BIG BIG thanks to Mr "Wilson's twin" EAGLE for taking the time to get everyone's information (cell phone, hotel, name etc) and helping us make sure the event went off without a single problem....that was such a help!!!! (in fact, we may just enlist your services for next year??)
Well geez I really missed out now didn't I? Wish I had known about this shin-dig well in advance so that I could have attended but I might have been boo'd (lol) if we had to announce who we were.

Was this event free or was there a cover charge and hotel discounts? But hey I'd pay for Jetcareers come together meeting?

Seriously though I have never met anyone in here before well maybe one guy. When I was visitng my uncle in N. Scottsdale like last week. I went with my cousin to fly out of SDL and my cousins instructor has met Doug several times. And speaks highly of him.

But seriously this site is almost like a big family. With Doug and Kristie playin mom and dad.

The whole time I was in Scottsdale and in Skyharbor I was lookin around hoping to run into Doug. Might seem weird but kinda feel that I know everyone in here.

So I hope that at the next one I'm able to attend and share my firmilar brand of wit, but more imporatant listen and learn something and enjoy everyones company.

GP - this thing was planned well in advance - at least a good 2 months.. and it's been actively talked about ever since....

well, "hear me now or believe me lata" - we'll be getting together again next year.. dunno when or where yet.. but we will - just stay tuned...
Everyone's welcome Everett, it's really a big family, you really missed a great time.

And NO BOOS. The one thing I kept repeating (ad nauseum) is that the same person you may have a beef with on the forum would most likely get along with you famously in person.

No cover charge, no formal plans, it was more or less like a weekend of "old" friends getting together and tearin' up Vegas.

Some, ahem, more than others
Well thanks Doug and Kristie both. I do remember something bout it being mentioned but there are often so many "threads" on this site talking about havin "fly in's" e.g. chicago flyin etc.

So prolly when I saw this one though it was just someone trying to unoffically organize a fly in event. Never thought it was an official event sponserd by Doug/Kristie.

But yea next year I hope to be there it sounds like it was a load of fun.

So Doug when is my first siting.... don't be scared might be starstruck. (lol) you and Flychaicaga are my heros.

well, don't get us wrong.. but it wasn't "exactly" an official jetcareers event because we didn't want to have to accept liability for anything... any events that we have will probably always be "unofficial" but important network gatherings for the JC members... kinda like, come mingle, hang out.. have fun.. but "on your own terms cuz we're not paying if you break a leg" type deal.. know what i mean?

Doug's already decided that whenever we have this thing again - he will work his entire month schedule around the weekend - so in that sense, doug and I will officially be there to support and mingle with the JC members - in an unoffical kinda way.. hehe
Doug's already decided that whenever we have this thing again - he will work his entire month schedule around the weekend

[/ QUOTE ]

That much fun huh?? I agree!!!
Sorry I lost contact with you guys later, my battery died on my phone and once my students dragged me to OLYMPIC GARDENS, it was on like DONKEY KONG! I made sure to tell my guys NOT to wake me before 12pm as I hadn't slept in 24 hours.

By the way, I had the door pop open at 500AGL taking off of 19R and the frickiin thing was a suction room. My students couldnt fly the plane (they kept dropping the airspeed way too low) so I had to try and fly the plane, make a radio call to tower to turn around, and hold the door. It was a fun little 2 minute flight. No Worries though, turned around and landed, but not till after tower asked me to climb to 4500 when I'm at 3000. ME:ahhhhhhhhhhhh, UNABLE(yelling at him). Yah dumbass! hehehe.
By the way #2, we say Andrea Bocelli and his crew of 10 at Signature getting in their awaiting G-4. Man it was soooooo friggin fun how his girlfriend or wife made it a point to stare at everyone and smile at everyone as if too say, "yah we're the shiznit" as their walking out the door. Hahhaha, I guess if I was Bocelli's wife, I'd be doing the same.

Had a blast this weekend, I'd do it all over again if I had the chance!

See you guys next year!
Yeah sounds like it was fun....I'm really sad bout missin everything but enjoying hearing everybody fun stories about the event keep em coming.

Yep Sawyer Aviation... think his name on here starts with MD or something he said the rest of the letters in his Jetcareers sign-on are his initials.So you prolly know who I'm talking bout.

He said he tried to get you to give him a check flight (lol) you turned him down.

My uncle lives in N. Scottsdale and thinking bout maybe attending Pan Am or Mesa pilot program with ASU or maybe cont. the FBO route at Sawyer in SDL.

If so the CFI was pretty cool we got along well he seems to really know his stuff might ask him to instruct me

If I make the move from CVG to PHX. hope to run into you and the wife sometime but not in the sky

Ah yes, Mike Brenner! Mavamb1!

He came to one of the Taylor "shin digs" a few weeks ago and is a good guy.
BTW "el Jeffe" I think that I need a new title "Brand New User"after 166 post hardly fits lol. I was thinkin bout "troublemaker" lol but I'll accept any creative thing you can think of (lol).