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Mom wanted some boxes out of here place and a couple of them were full of some aviation textbooks that I haven't looked at in years so I'm hoping some of you guys out there can use them. And I can ad to my regular book library.

Everythings in DFW so if your local and want to come get them or perhaps meet up and do a partial payment in cold cerveza that would be more than acceptable.

Most of them are in brand new condition.

10 bucks each plus shipping for the following will combine shipping.
Private Pilot Manual
Instrument Commercial Manual
Flight Instructor manual

Rod Machados Instrument Pilot survival manual
Rod Machados Private pilot Handbook

5 bucks each plus shipping for these will combine shipping

Aircraft accident investigation by wood and Sweginnis
Aircraft Safety. Accident investigations analyses & applications by Krause

Performance of light aircraft by Lowry(for those who want to give themselves headaches)

Aircraft weight and Balance handbook. FAA-H-8083-1

Aviation Instructors Handbook FAA-H-8083-9

Flight in America
From the Wrights to the Astronaughts by Bilstein

Illustrated guide to Aerodynamics 2nd edition by Skip Smith

Advanced pilots flight manual by Kershner
Flight Instructors manual by Kershner