tentative ride from PHX to LAS


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Still waiting to see dates being firmed up but I drive a Ford Expedition and will be leaving from Gilbert (PHX area) and have room for 6 comfortably. Anyone looking for a ride can shoot me a message and we'll work out dates/etc. also still working on a place to stay.

Yeah, swing by Houston and pick me up along the way. :laff: :sarcasm:

That's a pretty generous offer. Hopefully someone can take you up on the offer. Sounds like an awesome road trip!:rawk:
Jenzee and I are thinking of flying up Saturday morning and returning early as hell Tuesday morning as TheDo is planning to to work the day after the mixer. (I know bad idea).

I'll keep you posted. Did you decide where you are staying yet?
Hey relax yourself there matt. Why didnt you pick up the other night when I called to tell you about my experiences downtown?
Does this sound like the beginning of a horror flick to anyone else?

"room for 6 in my car to an internet social networking event."