Tel Aviv, Israel


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Been twice this month... very cool layover. I'll even start the teasers with *ahem* an aviation pic :)

The rest can be found here:

LLBG - Ben Gurion Int'l Airport

At the Western Wall in Jerusalem

On of the stations of the cross...on the hill where the crucifiction was.

Jesus body was supposedly prepared on this stone.

Inside the West Bank in Bethlehem.

Tel Aviv Sunset


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Haha, I was talking about cockpit or air-to-air photos. What? Not a lot of traffic on the NATs when you fly? :D

Boris Badenov

It's a work in progress, but, ah, symbols endure
Cool pics. And don't let the nerds get to you. Hey, jetcareers, there's a whole database full of pictures of shiny jets over at I for one would rather see pictures of where the neato jets go.


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When I am in ATL, I build the nightly tracks across the pond - nice to know you're having a good time once I am done playing with the Flight Planning System.