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Anyone know where loadmasters attend tech school? I've looked at the ANG site and can't find out where it is? Thanks
Technical Training Courses (1A2X1):

Enlisted Aircrew Undergraduate Course
Location: Lackland AFB, TX
2 weeks, 4 days

Combat Survival Training Course
Location: Fairchild AFB, WA
17 days

Water Survival-Parachuting Course (you may do the non-para at Fairchild)
Location: Pensacola NAS, FL
4 days

Basic Loadmaster Course
Location: Little Rock AFB, AR (C-130)
Altus AFB, OK (other than C-130)
5 weeks
Reserves and Guard dont have to do the Undergraduate aircrew course at Sheppard. It's a "weeding out" class. Guard and Reserves have the Interview to weed out people.
I went through the non-parachute course at Fairchild AFB. It was 2 days, they talk about what sea life you can and can't eat, how to take care of the raft. We went to the swimming pool and put us in a mock up airplane, turned the lights off and we had to evacuate, swim to the liferaft, get in and get it set up. It was a blast.