Tampa -St Pete- Clearwater Flight Instruction


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Hey everybody! I am a CFI at a flight school here at St Pete- Clearwater airport (KPIE). We offer every thing from your private pilot to your atp, single and multiengine. Our fleet is mostly '99 or later C172s with G1000 avionics:rawk:. If anyone is interested please PM me!
Haha, I just guessed. Well you said that you have all new Cessna's and I know Amfly does so that is how I guessed. I used to fly out of the Airpark
I flew out of the Air park mainly to see if flying was for me before I decided to go to UND. It was a relaxed atmosphere and I had a really good instructor so it was a lot of fun. I still go back there to rent when I am home a have money to spend on flying.