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I've been putting off taking the written PPL exam...and it's probably a good idea to do it soon. How does the process work and how long does it take; from calling up a center, taking it, and receiving the results?


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You get the results immediately after you finish the exam, either you passed or not - you'll get a sheet of paper with your test results with an embossed seal. don't lose it (obviously)


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It never took me much longer than an hour to do it all. If you are going to a LASERGRADE center, you can call them, schedule it and pay for it over the phone. When you walk into the testing center, they have all of your information and can get you started in less than 5 minutes. Like woodreau stated, the results are instant.


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I took the ATP written last year; just "walked in" to a testing center, they had me all set up in about 10 minutes. I spent probably an hour or so on the exam, checking answers, etc. Immediate results. Better than the "good ole days" when it really was a "written" test.


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I took mine at a CATS testing center. AOPA has a $10 off coupon. I could have taken it at anytime the next day. But, I scheduled mine for 3 weeks out. Gave me a deadline to study with a purpose. As soon as you hit the END button, you get your score.

Good luck!


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Where do you get the coupon?
Our local pilot shop does the testing and he just ask if you are an aopa member. If so he takes your number then gives you the $10 buck off!

Just call your local testing facility and ask'em

Then get BUSY Nick;):D


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Took my commercial written at Skymates...walked in with my instructor endorsement, took my test and walked out results in hand...