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Anyone know anything about this school based in Anchorage? Just finished at FSI (step 5) and looking to do my CFI there with hopes of working for them. Supposedly the largest flight school in AK. Have heard good things so far, just curious if anyone had first hand knowledge.

BTW Doug - thanks for the site! Haven't posted here since I was looking at flight schools way back when. Am now multi-comm-inst rated and living the dream! (ok, still need that first job but...) I am a career changer out of IT and glad I made the jump, despite the debt. Knowing I'll be flying in AK soon makes it all worth it. I'll have to remember my woolies...thanks guys.


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I'd head off to AK in a heart beat if I wasn't already employed.

Like I said in a previous post, my floatplane pilot did more flying in the first 30 minutes of our flight than I've done in the last 5 years combined as an airline pilot.


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A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to fly the G4 sim at FS in Savannah. I knew those things pretty much flew themselves, but was amazed to see it in action first hand. It was an awesome experience, and just a teaser of what I hope will be my job someday, but I have to say I'm looking forward to the challenges that flying in AK will provide! I think it will be a great environment to develop my skills - I know I still have a lot to learn. Plus CFI's get a ton of hours up there in the summer...

Do you know anyone that flies up there Doug that might have some stories/advice to share?


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Although I am currently teaching in Anchorage while waiting for my training date, I don't teach at TakeFlight. Everything I here about TakeFlight is good. Eric Boyd is there chief instructor and I have a few friends that know him pretty well and really respect him and what he has done with the school.

Flying in Alaska is great, I have been up here since February and I really enjoy it. The job oppurtunities up here are also very promising. I know a number of people who have gotten jobs recently some with real low time.


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How's that drive going? did you already make it through Madison? For better or worse, I've decided to return to FSI in July for the CFI... Lovin' the Chicago weather now though. Go Cubs!

keep in touch and good luck in AK,


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Dave - so far so good! I have been in Mad town the last few days - you're right the weather has rocked! Makes Vero look like H-E- double tooth pix. Flew up to Door County the other day, and a local flight today. Heading to CO tomorrow for a week, then up to AK. Good luck back at Vero - Cubbies are hanging in there, just wait til the all-star break for the annual slide. Definitely keep in touch, will miss the vero bbq's...

Buzo - Glad to hear you love AK! I've heard the opps up there are pretty good for low timers. I can't wait to get up there. I don't know a soul in anc - I'd be glad to buy you a beer when I get up there if you don't mind giving me a few pointers on where to live, what the flying is like up there, etc. I'll be up there end of Juneish. PM me if you like. Thanks!