Systolic/Diastolic limits? (ATC)


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Just a question on the limitations... I understand that (the Physician posting here) doesn't deal with ATC exams... however...

I'm a 25 year old with sleep apnea I've been trying to treat for years. My biggest concern with an upcoming PEPC is my diastolic B/P... Even if I take my medication (Toprol XL 50mg) a few hours before a reading, my diastolic B/P will spike to an obscene 96-100ish.. classic "white coat syndrome," if you will. I was curious if the doctor (or anyone else) knows the limitations on a diastolic B/P for ATC. My systolic never climbs above 140, and I can always "cheat" by using a bigger size cuff. :D

Also, if you have any suggestions on lowering that bottom number (aside from low-sodium/caffeine intake, etc.) please share!