Syrian A320 Lands Safely after Helicopter Midair

Air Pirate

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Sounds like some Syrian rebels unkowingly marked for destruction lived to fight another day! ...thanks to some French intervention =P


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I'm surprised they had commercial flights with a civil war going on. I know it is in certain areas, but there have been stories of the Damascus Airport being taken over by rebels and flights diverting due to this.


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screw going to Syria for the foreseeable future. I wouldn't go there even if an airline in Syria promised me a shiny new jet job. Pilots in other countries who think they have problems should take note of these guys.


hen teaser
When I first saw the picture when the story came out, I was pretty shocked. And over here we complain about flow, sheesh.


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Wow...Had the vert. stab. torn anymore, we probably would have another AA 587 on our hands. Good on the crew fr getting it down.