SW training video for maint

I didn't know Southwest had 747s.

Yes.. and Airbus MD-757 Fokker 100 Saabs.

(FWIW, there are only two jets the public knows.. 747 and Learjet as in the "...downed Cessna was a Learjet executive jet... jet. Bobbie Babbles, Eyewitness 43 News...")

(FWIW, at one time, SW DID operate 727s albeit for a short time)
Heh, I'm surprised he knew what a fuselage was, or just knew the word, itself, for that matter.
Probably not too far from the real video...just a little more SWA rah rah in between each scene. I questioned some safety policies in training and received the ultimate punishment for it. No matter how you slice it, their number one commitment is keeping costs down.