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FSI peeps,

Do any of you know the requirements to get check out to rent a Warrior III at SunJet Aviation? They only charge $95 an hour for the new Warrior as opposed to FSI's $93 an hour for the old Warrior. Seems worth the extra $2 per hour!
I haven't got checked out myself, but I've been told that they may let you take the a/c without a checkout if you're past step 2 and have this phrase entered in your logbook: "John Doe has demonstrated the proficiency to solo a PA-28-161". by a cfi. Others have been required to go up with one of their instructors for less than an hour.

That a/c is so nice, especially with the garmin 430.
Beware of SunJet! I was watching the discovery channel and they were the company that owned the Lear jet Pane Stewart was killed in. One of their pilots came forward and spoke about their shotty maintenence.1.
Completely unrelated companies. Sun Aviation is an BFO here on the field in Vero. In NO way related to Sun Jet and the whole Payne Stewart thing....
Tail # is 359SA- nice airplane, had about 700 hrs when I use to fly it off and on during CFI ground to stay IFR current. Advantage is you can fly IFR, night, or anything else legal whereas FSA has some restrictions when you rent. Also, last time I flew it had the current gps database in it- dont know if they have continued to update it or not.

Previous posts are correct referring to the checkout requirements- you need that specific verbiage or you'll have to do 2 or 3 turns in the pattern with their CFI.

kdw - I thought you flew it all the time down there?
Key Kevin, I'm over at Paris Air, stop by and take your pick: PA28-151-161,or 181.( Or take the Turbo Seneca for a spin . .(oops, wrong word) flight!

my post was from over a year ago . . . June 2002. I made the post when I first started FSI and yes, I flew it all the time.


Are you teaching at Paris Air? Send me a PM and let me know.