Sun n' Fun


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Search didn't come up with any threads so,

Anybody going? I'm thinking about going on Thursday the 23rd. I was going to try and fly in, but I'm sure it'll be such a cluster buck, so I'll probably just drive.

Also, I don't know about all airlines, but I know if we bring out company ID's we get a discount at the door, so same might apply to other airlines.
I will be there. We will be RV camping. I am leaving Friday but was thinking of hosting a BBQ on Thursday night at the Motorhome if anybody is interested. I will provide food, BYOB. PM me if you are planning on being there so I will know how much food to bring. Hope to meet a few of you! JOE
I think I'm going to be down on Friday. I've got that day off of school (something along the lines of a "study day" for finals the next week). I'll probably drive down on thursday, stop in a the float/seaplane base. Crash at a relatives place on thursday night, and hit up the big show on Friday. I think Friday is like AOPA day or whatever, making it cheaper to get in, so it'll probably be very crowded.