Suggestion for future AIM chats


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I have a suggestion for any future AIM chats.. I see more and more people asking "how do i get in there" or "it says that I have to be invited"...

so - how about everytime an AIM post is created, the user who creates the original post should display a link or tell directions on how to enter the chat so we don't have anymore confused peoples wandering around lost!

best way to get in to a Jetcareers chat is to start AIM on your machine and then enter aim:goChat?RoomName=jetcareers in the address bar of internet explorer. By using this method, you don't have to be invited into the chat. If your using trillian or some other product, i can't help you because i don't know how those other programs work with AIM.

Whatcha think? It'll definately make it easier for folks to join in the fun!


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Think you can just code it into the post too. So just clickin' the link, even easier. Should work by doing:

<a href="aim:goChat?RoomName=jetcareers">Chat</a>


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Hmm, maybe HTML is turned off on the forum. Maybe Doug can just add the code in and throw it as a link on the top of the page using the templates.


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If you are using trillian, what you need to do is click on someone in your contact list and send them a chat invitation. When the invite box comes up, replace their name with your name and replace the room with jetcareers.

Then you can just go in there.

Mucho gracias, mi amigo Aloft.


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What i do is i put myself on my buddylist and i hit once on my screen name which will highlight my name, then hit the chat button and type in jetcareers and that will invite yourself to the chat