Sugar Land to San Antionio Cross Country


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Flew out to San Antonio from Sugar Land today with fellow JCer, deek. Took an old, but trusty 152 and putted along to SAT. He did the fine flying, I took the pics. It was a great flight, my first time flying into SAT, and luckily we made it back to Houston before some of the bad weather kicked in today.

On the way out to SAT we happened to fly over my the cul de sac in one of the pictures. We were able to climb above the clouds for the trip there and it was pretty cool and smooth the whole way there. We stopped at Landmark in SAT and got to see a couple of cool Air Force trainers and a few Blackhawks. The way back to SGR was a bit bumpier, but still a great flight.

Thanks for the flight deek!



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Thanks for the great pix of my home state of Texas and my hometown San Antonio. I'm hoping one day to fly a cross country from San Antonio to Corpus Christi. Now I'm a little homesick! :panic:


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Incidentally, the large orange hangars you see in a couple of the KSAT pix is San Antonio Aerospace (formerly Dee Howard Aircraft Maintenance). Spent three years there honing my skills as an A&P prior to getting on with US Airways. Good Times! :bandit:


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Great Pics...I see they brought you in on 12L...What time did you guys depart SAT? I like flying out of SAT, just enough of the "big guys" to make it interesting!


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Ahhh- I've made that right base to final at SGR many-a-time. That's a great lesson for a primary student trying to do a stabilized approach flying over neighborhood streets, then trees, then a pond, then grass, then the hot concrete runway.. Good times.


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Nice pics! SAT is on my list of destinations too, but its a bit of a trip for me in a C172. I may soon have access to a Cirrus that will do the job a bit better though. :nana2:

That wasnt you stalking this poor San Antonio woman was it?

God, just watch some of her videos...and she is SERIOUS. :panic:

I want to go spend a tank of gas doing turns around a point (her house) someday.


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Looks like a good time guys. You should take a trip a little further West next time to Kerrville and tour the Mooney factory. I drove out there a couple weeks ago and it was fun to see. I was thinking....not sure I even fit in a 152 anymore :(