Sudan Caravan job


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Climbto350 has a Caravan job in Sudan sounds pretty good. About the same I'm making now. Does anyone know who this is for? The link provides no details.
I know Air Serv operates Caravans in Sudan, but according to their website, they're not currently hiring. I don't know about anyone else...sorry.
This was the closest I found posted on (lot's of good info on the site):


has vacancies for Caravan (C208B) pilots. Do you have 1000 hrs total time or more and would like to fly one of our Caravans around Tanzania and beyond its borders ? Do contact us !
Hours on type are an advantage.
Our C208B pilots can progress onto our F406 and eventually the Let 410.

Air Excel Ltd is operating out of Arusha, Tanzania. We offer private charter as well as scheduled flight services.
Our present fleet exists of three C208B, one F406 and one Let 410-E20.

If interested, email to
Posted 2/19/2009
That place is a scam. They want you to rent their aircraft, pay to have your licenses converted and then pay you a paltry sum thats not even a livable wage over there.

If a person has a question about a job posting apply. That will probably answer your questions!
Well, at least there are links to a bunch of operators.:laff::laff:

Doesn't applying directly to an operator like the one in Africa bypass the website and allow you to deal with the company posting the job ?
Looks like that possible Sudan C208 job pays $28,000 per year salary. That's a pretty lousy salary for an experienced 208 pilot to be based in Sudan for 2 months on at a time. I'd expect at least double that for a reputable operation.
Those jobs are probably meant for poor low timers in the vicinity of Africa. Plenty of them in EU or SA. Not to mention going from 1st world US to last world is another issue by itself. You're not going to Alaska, you're going to Sudan. :bandit: