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Hi folks,

I came across an interesting situation regarding a student's medical certificate. In the remarks section it says something along the lines of only being valid for a student pilot certificate. He is missing one eye and I believe he is flying with the FAA soon to determine his depth perception capability. He wasn't aware of having any additional SODA paperwork from an AME/FS. I guess I would think that a medical wouldn't be issued until the process was complete?

I am not familiar enough with the process but am guessing that his dealings with the FAA are a part of his SODA? He is not my student, but his primary CFI seems just as confused.

Is there anyone who can chime in about obtaining a SODA, the process, or why an AME would approve and issue a third class medical under these conditions? Basically he is close to soloing and his medical being valid for doing so is questionable.

Thanks in advance!


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Thread moved so Doctor Forred will see. He'll have the best information regarding this.

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Students with one eye are issued a Student Only medical certificate. When they are ready for their check ride, they request authorization from OKC for a Medical Flight Test. This is taken with an FAA Inspector who, if they pass. can approve their license as well as send apporval for a SODA for monovision. The AME on subsequent medicals can issue a certificate based on the SODA.