Student Housing in Atlanta


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Can anyone tell me what the housing for ACP students in Atlanta is like? I am planning to be there in July and am curious what to expect.

- How many people typically share one apartment?

- How far are the apartments from the airport?

- Are bedrooms key-lockable for storing valuables like notebook computers?

- Are there amenities like a pool?

- Is phone service provided or should I plan to use a cell?

- Is cable tv service provided?
I am posting this through soonermurph's screename... but I went through the program in Atlanta and the apartments were fine. They weren't anything too special, but they were nice. ATP does not provide phone service, so you need to plan on using a cell phone pretty much all the time. ATP does provide cable service. The apartment complex is really big and has 2 swimming pools and a weight room. It isn't very far from the airport... maybe 8-10 minutes if you don't get stuck in the traffic. I don't think there is a lock box inside, or at least when I was at the apartments there wasn't one, but you should be fine. I'll keep checking to see if you have any more questions.