Still being developed, but here is my plan.

I know I have asked alot about this on this site before, but I think I may have figured it out now. I want to know if my plan sounds like a good one from all of you who are experienced out there. First I want to start my flight training at ATP or the local Pittsburgh area flight school. There is a reason for this. I already have 47 college credits. It will take me roughly 1 and a half to 2 years to finish my degree online. I figure that there will eventually be a break (according to a lot of you) for some and the industry will begin hiring again in the future. Therefore I want to have as many hours as possible when that time comes. I feel that if I can get my training over with, I can become a CFI and work on my degree online while holding down a CFI position. Any way, that is what an online degree is made for to work around a schedule right? But, if I pursue my college degree now, and leave out the training, I might miss out on a few hundred hours that would throw me over top of the next guy.

Since I have gotten from this site that once you become a CFI you can expect to be there for a year or two, and then you move on to a commuter airline, which doesn't usually require a college degree, I feel I will benefit from a plan like this. You can even expect to be with the regionls for some time before moving to the majors. i feel that developing as many hours as possible as quickly as possible is the best way to go. One thing that collides with this is the fact that I want to get a job at PIT loading planes or fueling them. I dunno, but this is a prototype for a plan that sounds like a good one to follow. Thanks for any insight.

Well other being FSI instead of ATP that is excatly Corbin's plan. Some people freaked out and said he needed his degree first, but we disagree with that for the same reasons you said. Since there may be a lot of "waiting" before he gets to instruct, he will have plenty of time to finish up before he gets to the point the he needs. SOunds like a great plan to me!