State of the Industry


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Earlier this year I was strongly considering being a Professional Pilot as my career. That was right up until all the troubles with UAL, etc.

The main thing that got to me was that pilots seemed to be desperate for jobs, and thousands were on the streets due to furlough. Is this still the case? Have things picked up? Are they going to pick up?

Is the cyclic tendancy of the airline industry going to kick in anytime soon? Somebody give me some encouragement for the past few months I've listened to my family and considered going to college for business/economics, and am now realizing that it doesnt excite me in the least.

I'm rambling. Sorry.
I know this has been said a thousand times on this board already but I will say it again, go to a regular four year school and get that degree in business or economics. Then make your decision about a flying career. If you decide that flying is not for you then you still have that business degree to fall back on. I'm at UND majoring in aviation management right now. All the flying is great and I really enjoy it, but if I had to do it over again I would probably have gone to a regular four year university and majored in something else that I was interested in. Hope that helps ya out a little bit!
If you don't like business can you find another degree in something you like besides aviation? You can get your ratings far cheaper at a college town flight school than going to a big name aviation college. As far as the state of the industry. Time will tell, I've seen two cycles and it's always picked up but, one thing is for sure, there are no guarantees in this business. Don't do it unless you really love to fly...