Starting at GKY 10/13


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Don't work at ATP, but I do work at GKY.

You're about to grow a lot of hair on your chest or lose some on your head. Be prepared to hone your scan technique. :)

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No radar and lots of traffic, lots of foreign students. We use the avionics shop over there and I've flown a few airplanes there for work.


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Well thats good to know. I fly out of KMCI quit a bit class B so I guess I better be prepaired for the same. Thanks for the update.


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I'm here at ATP Arlington. Let me see if I can come up with some positives for ya.

- Fewer foreign students since DQ moved to Meachem about 2 months ago.
- Housing and nearby facilities (stores, restaurants, gyms, etc.) are very good.
- Instructors are first-rate.
- Fleet of Seminoles are all new (2001/2007/2008). Lots of 1979 models elsewhere.
- It's an ATP maintenance facility so turnaround for inspections and issues are quick, and the fleet is all very well maintained.
- Flying this close to DFW class B is great training.

You can feel good about your decision to train here!



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Everything Snuggie said is pretty much on the ball....

The foreign students can sometimes be a bother; They all dispatch at the same two hour point several times a day. That clogs the rest of GKY up and traffic is abound. However, the 07 and newer Seminoles have TIS(Traffic Information System) in them which helps find the little targets faster. Then I go right to guns. :laff: Also, listening to them on the radio is pure entertainment.

GKY is a great airport to train at all kidding aside. Look for the old instructor when you show up and I'll say hi:) Also, if you have any more questions at all, please don't hesitate to PM me and I'll answer them or get them answered for you.