Starting April 15th


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Hi everyone! I'm starting in Jacksonville in a little over a week. I took my instrument, cfii and commercial writtens this week and will take the cfi and foi early next week. All of the instructors have told me it's best to get them out of the way. I've been using the ASA Prepware along with the Gleims and have scored 93, 92 and 99 so far.
I'm both excited and very nervous about how I'll do. I'm 37 and only started flying in January of this year. I got my private in 49 hours at Savannah International and have just 86 hours now.
I'll keep everyone informed and answer any questions I can during the process.
Congrats Socal, Great Job!!!
Greg Collins
I know I keep asking everyone for this but any examples of the written or oral questions you got during your interview would be great. Good Luck to you.
Greg, good luck with the program, man. I am in the process of getting the writtens down now, too, and working on the XC PIC requirements that ATP wants to see. I'd love to hear your impressions of the program as you go, and I hope you have as good an impression as SoCal did...


Eevn though Riverside was my home base, I was lucky enough to do the true cross country and do some of my CFI prep with the guys (and one really great girl) in Jax. Trust me, you'll be in good hands with whichever instructor you get. Just be ready or the crabby guy in the Craig tower -- he'll make you want to never blow a radio call again!

Hopefully, I'll be headed back down there soon to man the phones as an employee of ATP. If so, I'll stop in and say hello.

Until then, please give everyone there my best.

I'll pass on the Hello Travis. I'd love to hear how you do in your job search. One of the things that scares me about this is that I keep hearing how hard it is to get a job as a CFI, let alone an MEI, with so few hours. Every FBO I've talked to has said that they would need to see a few hundred more hours in a single engine before they would take the chance on me. Most understandably prefer their own students. I've purchased my own Skyhawk and will be leasing it back to an FBO along with my CFI services to help insure a job.

The written I took was 25 questions long. V speed definitions, one class D air space question, VFR requirements, one light gun signal question, one question about engine out procedures, and one about left turning tendencies. It was all pretty basic. An instructor gave a very brief class on how to identify the critical engine on a standard multi-engine (both props turning clockwise). He then asked me to explain which engine would be considered critical on the Seminole (neither). The purpose of the excercise is to see if you are teachable. I was also asked a few basic questions about the plane I got my private in. Engine type, fuel capacity, etc. I spent about fifteen minutes in the sim attempting to track the ILS in to Craig Field, and I want to emphasize ATTEMPTING! I was all over the place. During the follow up interview with Jim I was asked to explain the airspace at my home airport (Savannah International, Class C). He is also big on left turning tendencies and wake turbulence avoidance techniques. The phone interview took about 5 minutes.
Overall the whole process was much simpler than the actual private written and oral tests.
Hope this helps!