Starting a local courier service, need help.


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I've been thinking about starting a small local delivery service, and I was hoping someone here at JC have some experience with something similar, or just some common knowledge about starting a small business.

I have researched my area for competition, and found only ONE company with similar service.

I've also been to a forum for small business and posted a thread but no responses.

The service I'm thinking about is "same day delivery". I'm hoping to get in with law firms to deliver time sensitive documents etc.

Any input/suggestions would be much appreciated.


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I used to run my own courier company while I was in college back in the late 1990s. I secured a good account with Staples for home delivery. At the time they used independent couriers to make home deliveries. I turned more into a moving company because I was delivering a lot of office furniture. I actually made more money on assembling furniture in customers homes than I did on the actual delivery. Gas prices were really low back then ($1.00/gal days). If gas prices stay low you can probably make some money. If they go back up to $4/gal you might have some difficulty turning a profit.

Couriers usually deliver same day or within hours for time sensitive documents. I think it would be a BIG help if you got your notary public license so you can witness/sign legal documents. Might be a selling point if you are trying to get biz from law firms, real estate companies, etc.

Find a fuel efficient car / van. Put together some business cards and maybe take out some ads in the yellow pages and hit the pavement. I knocked on lots of doors to get my clients (think big office buildings). Whenever you deliver a package you can solicit them for business as well since you already have your "foot in the door" so to speak. Also, you will need liability insurance and possibly a business license. You will need car insurance that covers your vehicle for commercial use as well. Some vendors require certain amounts of liability insurance. I delivered semiconductors for one company which required $1mil liability bond.

Good luck!