Starting a 135 operation


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Hey all,

My friend and I got to talking about working for ourselves and what options for start-ups there might be.

He raised the question of a charter airline. Personally I think now is the time for 135 operations. There are pilots looking for jobs and people are tired of dealing with the airlines and the TSA.

My thought was a 135 op with a bunch of small planes, with inexpensive fares. Of course right now I have no idea how to go about any of this (and right now it's just plain speculation and dreaming).

Anybody have any thoughts on this. Remember I'm just blueskying here so leave the, "this is a crazy idea" stuff out of this. Also anybody have any experience with starting a 135 op?


Only problem I see is trying to get a 135 op started with single engine aircraft (172s, Bonanzas, etc.) would probably pretty difficult.

Now ... if you did in South America ...

Probably wouldn't use singles, maybe a Caravan, but probably mostly twins.

I'm thinking maybe Mid-West to Florida. Thinking family / tourist destinations. Of course I might have to find something with a good range. Of course I think my dream would be to run (and fly for) a seaplane op out of Key West.