Starbucks or plain Coffee?


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What do you “pilots” enjoy/like to drink? Since this new craze came in a while back of “Fancy” coffee it seems like a lot of people have jumped on the band wagon. I prefer the “Fancy” coffee (S.B) over plain coffee, 1) tastes better 2) tastes better 3) tastes better. Anyone have a different opinion on this topic? Please post I would like to hear your response.
I like Starbucks coffee, but for strange reasons.

a. Starbucks is the "Denny's Club Sandwich" of the coffee world. If you get a grande traditional, you'll get the same cup in West Palm Beach than you would in Picadilly Circus in London. Sometimes familiarity is good.

b. It gets me out of the airplane on 'through' flights and some exercise.

c. Since Starbucks coffee is so expensive, all of the other boneheads selling coffee raised their prices for the same lousy cup o'joe which they sold when it was $.50 per 12 ounce cup.

d. Their stores/kiosks are normally clean and if your coffee isn't done absolutely to order, they'll make it right without a fuss.
Starbucks, but that's because I don't really like 'plain' coffee all that well. I like the fancy stuff.

Are you talking about at the FBO? At places like Mercury and Sig, where they have starbucks? Hell it took me 20 minutes just to figure out how to use the coffee machine at BWI
I like starbucks, better.
I generally don't drink coffee. I actually had my first cup this past Sunday in what was probably a few months. But when I do drink it I don't really care who makes it and I drink it straight black.

Guess I'm the oddball. Imagine that, huh?
Hah, no coffee please, but a pure chocolate with whip cream from the Coffee Bean is always good, that will get you goin.
Starbucks - bring it on. Better yet, a nice flavored coffee from an independent coffee shop.

Cup O' Joe is awesome if you're in the Columbus area. There's one in the CMH terminal, too.
There's a place called cup o'joe? Wow, I usually say that in a very generic sense!
There's a place called cup o'joe

[/ QUOTE ]


Not sure how much you pass thru CMH, but the Cup O' Joe at CMH is between the ticket counters and the food court.

Worth checking out!
I agree coffee is way nasty. I prefer a nice drink of ice cold water to get me goin in the morning
... Dunno why but i have never been able to enjoy coffee...
Starbucks sucks. I don't see what's so fancy about it.

I used to work at a coffee shop and they were constantly competing for our customers; and we had the better coffee.
I looovvvveeeee Starbucks!!! I prefer it to any plain old coffee.

Who's the twinkle-toed communist that said coffee's nasty, by the way???
Coffee is just plain nasty. When I used to deliver boats and had long watches in the middle of the night I would try to choke down a cup. Ugg. I simply cannot stand the taste. I do like the smell though. Go figure.
Starbucks for me. I get a grande skim latte with whole milk foam. There is a Cup O Joe here in Greensboro, not sure if it is related to the one in Ohio.