Stage Check Failures


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Has this been asked before? Probably.

When applying for a job will UND stage check failures count as failed checkrides? It struck me that this would put part 141 students at a disadvantage because we have so many more stage checks than part 61. I've heard most airlines now won't hire anyone with more than 3 failures on their record and at UND you could have 3 stage check failures just to get your PPL (not that I did that). So, do these count the same? Do only "final" stage checks count for 102, 222, 323, etc? My guess is that officially they do not count but I don't know how I would answer a question like "have you ever failed any checkrides or practical exams?"


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In most cases it is company specific. Some differentiate between a "stage check" and a "checkride" on their app and some do not. If in doubt, ask. It is far better to be up front than to appear as though you are trying to hide something.

In an interview always take responsibility for the failure and be able to talk about how you learned and grew as a pilot from the experience.


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Asked the XJT recruiter about this and she said they only consider final stage checks for each course as "checkrides", including 222, 323, even though you technically didn't get a new certificate/rating.