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I've read that Southern Air is still hiring - Atlas/Southern | Airline Pilot Careers. Does anyone have any information on the requirements and flight experience to obtain an interview right now? I know the market is extremely saturated. I'm just trying to gain some insight on who's actually receiving invites for an interview. Thanks.


I know several regional CAs and a few FOs getting invites, I know of people who have gotten interviews with hrs from 10k to around 4k


I'm probably commenting ironically...
talked to my buddy there...said they are hiring BUT it appears almost only high time CA's with recs are getting calls (7k+ TT)

...with 2+ regionals being shut down...that's bound to happen
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Yes, there is hiring occurring. Plans for 2 777 in the near future, two more after that. But with the merger with Atlas and the current economy I'd say difficult at best even with a rec.


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Friend of mine got hired at Atlas. I don't know his flight time, but his background includes military (fighters), international heavies (747), and test pilot.