Sorry Goose, it's time to buzz the tower...


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It looks like it is Paul Bonhomme of the Red Bull Air Race.
Jea. . .and someone lost his racing privileges for a little while. Not sure if the Feds did any sort of certificate action either.

Granted, I don't have a source. . .but just comments from another web forum where a member close to the incident was able to get some information regarding his future as a Red Bull Air Race pilot for this stunting. . .


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I'm surprised the tower let him do this. One little mistake and he could have hit the tower.


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yeah hard to tell if its an extra or an edge...theyre quite similar in profile/shape, though the extra is significantly larger...


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Like I said earlier, that is Paul Bonhomme. He flies an Edge.

right o.

can you provide more information about this incident? while cool and spectacular... i would think a guy of his skill and accomplishment might think twice before doing some stunting like this.

would like to see what else was said about the occassion....